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Get your domain name registered at cPanel webhosting to get domain features – free email account, domain privacy protection, domain forwarding and DNS management all free of cost You can have domain name registration for your business website or blog or an online store with various top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .in,, etc. Initiate domain transfer process to get 24 x 7 support with superior customer service.

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Domain Name Registration
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  • Domain/Email Forwarding
  • Privacy Protection
  • Managed DNS

TLD Registration Price Renewal Price (INR/yr) Transfer Price (INR/yr)
.in Rs149.00 /yr Rs500.00 /yr Rs500.00 /yr Rs149.00 /yr Rs500.00 /yr Rs500.00 /yr
.com Rs649.00 /yr Rs649.00 /yr Rs599.00 /yr
.net Rs649.00 /yr Rs649.00 /yr Rs599.00 /yr
.org Rs749.00 /yr Rs749.00 /yr Rs699.00 /yr
.biz Rs223.00 /yr Rs699.00 /yr Rs649.00 /yr
.info Rs282.00 /yr Rs749.00 /yr Rs699.00 /yr
.co Rs1999.00 /yr Rs1999.00 /yr Rs1999.00 /yr Rs249.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr
.us Rs569.00 /yr Rs489.00 /yr Rs449.00 /yr Rs274.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr Rs274.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr Rs274.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr Rs399.00 /yr
.name Rs649.00 /yr Rs649.00 /yr Rs599.00 /yr